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On Wednesday 7 January 2015, Mr John Vidal did a story in Guardian UK captioned  “NIGER DELTA COMMUNITIES TO SUE sHELL in LONDON FOR OIL SPILL COMPENSATION”, little did he know that just seven weeks after that publication, the Grand Bonny Kingdom  will march words with action.
Rights Activist,  Celestine AkpoBari ( 2nd  from left)  with team of Lawyers from London and traditional rulers at King’s Palace in Bonny on Friday 13 March, 2015, after briefing and agreement.

Following massive oil spill from the 24” Bomu-Bonny pipeline at Kolo Launch belonging to sHELL in November 2014, the Chairman of  Bonny Environment Consultants Committee (BECC), had  raised an alarm over what he called “ a deliberate attempt by sHELL to destroy the entire Bonny environment with too many oil spills” from the company’s aged facilities and through its  carelessness. He threatened that BECC will have no choice but to advise the Grand Bonny Council of Traditional Rulers to take legal action against the company. 
Just last Thursday 12 March 2015, a team of Lawyers arrived from London and proceeded to Bonny Kingdom the following day to meet with the traditional rulers who were excited to have them come to their aid at a very short notice.
One of the spill sites in Bonny main town last Friday 13 March, 2015.

After the briefing and presentation by Comrade AkpoBari Celestine and the team leader, the revered Chairman of the Bonny Council of Traditional Rulers and his well informed colleagues, gave  express approval and authority for the legal team to commence investigation into the countless spills that have devastated the Kingdom and render thousands of fishermen and women, jobless.
This development is coming just a month after sHELL paid a whooping 55million pounds as compensation to Bodo farmers and community over the 2008 and 2009 oil spills which also affected communities in Bonny Kingdom.
As we look forward to seeing another round of  exciting drama between sHELL, Bonny Kingdom and the team of UK Lawyers, several other communities populated like Bonny, are also making plan to sue sHELL before the company concludes its ongoing divestment plan. The Ogoni on the other hand, are also waiting to have their environment cleaned up through the implementation of UNEP Report which the President Goodluck Jonathan led Federal Government of Nigeria and sHELL, have refused to implement from August 2011 when the report was submitted.